Semiprecious gemstones cutting company

Taglieria pietre semipreziose

Are you looking for a semiprecious gemstones cutting company? If you choose Italian Gemstones, you choose a product entirely Made in Italy, from the first cut of rough to the final polishing. Each client commits himself to qualify artisans who will be able to help him decide the right gem and to materialize his own ideas. What is really important for Italian Gemstones is that the clients are taken care of and supported through every single step of production: from the theorization of their ideas, to the realization of samples, until the final product’s delivery.

When you talk about jewelry you cannot avoid to consider design matters. The planning fully focused on the research of a perfect symbiosis between form and function; the integration, as much as possible effective and harmonious, between technological-funcional aspects and estetic-formal quality; all these add up to the designer’s expert hands who reinvent and transform the jewelry’s concept into a personal expression of one’s own individuality and style.

The jewelry becomes one with the wearer and it naturally reflect his movements with a naturalness that hide advanced studies in the planning and creation of the final object.

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