Manufacturing semiprecious gemstones

Lavorazione Pietre Semipreziose

Italian Gemstones is a gem cutting laboratory that can offer you an excellent service in manufacturing semiprecious and precious gemstones. The company was born from the passion and experience of its gemcutter’s master, Mr Franco Frassineti, who has been working for the most important brand of Italian and foreign jewellery and some of the most renowned fashion companies.

The quality of the products, the precision and the pursuit of clients’ satisfaction are since the beginning Italian Gemstones’ motto and with passion the artisans follow their clients through every single step of production: from the theorization of their ideas, to the realization of samples and then the final product’s delivery.

During the last few years the professional reality of Italian Gemstones has been enriched by the freshness and innovation brought by a new generation of artisans. Under the wise guide of their master Franco Frassineti they have been able to grow and express themselves and to give their contribution to the company’s development.

It’s through all this, that exellence bring forth to final customer’s satisfaction and itself is reflected in each company member’s pride for a job well done. In this way, Franco Frassineti in his long carrer has been able to create high quality stones for the most important national and international jewellery brand and he has been able to link his name to excellence and satisfaction.

If you wish to receive more information about our manufacturing of semiprecious stones, you can contact us: Via Po 6 – 47122 Forlì (Italy) Tel. +39.0543.720818 – Fax +39.0573.778699 – E-mail: