Turquoise’s manufacturing

Lavorazione Turchese

Italian Gemstones is a highly specialized company in the manufacturing of turquoise, coral and precious gemstones. It was born from the passion that its gemcutter’s master, Mr Franco Frassineti, showed since he was very young, when he moved to Valenza to start his apprenticeship. He immediately attracted attention to his innate skills in this art so peculiar and with such a misterious appeal.

The turquoise is one of the first gemstone to be mined and since a long time it’s been appreciate for its color, that range from blue sky to green, depending on the amount of iron and zinc present. In the past people believed that its changing of color could be a sign of warning for a danger or an illness.

The turquoise can mainly be in a massive and microcrystalline form and usually is found in vein or fracture filling and nodular formation. The blue sky turquoise from Iran is considered the most precious, even if in Tibet they prefer a more greenish quality. Other places of origin are Mexico, U.S.A., Chile, former U.R.S.S, Australia and Great Britain.

The secret of the success and great professionalism of Italian Gemstones is due to the meticulosity and dedication that its master Franco Frassineti and the other artisans put in every single activity involved in realizing each piece: the selection of materials in extraction’s areas, the supervision of rough’s cuts, the careful manufacturing and the final, thorough and strict quality controls.

If you wish to receive more information about our manufacturing of turquoise, coral and precious stones, you can contact us: Via Po 6 – 47122 Forlì (Italy) Tel. +39.0543.720818 – Fax +39.0573.778699 – E-mail: info@www.italiangemstones.eu