CNC and Laser manufactures

Lavorazione Pietre CNC e Laser

Are you looking for a highly specialized company in CNC and Laser gemstones mufacturing? Italian Gemstones is a qualified reality with more than 30 years of experience! The master Franco Frassineti utilizes his skills to realize personalized products with a unique design.

CNC machines (computer numerical control) are operational centers controlled by computers. They can use a vertical moving spindle to realize engravings, sculptures and extremely precise manufacturings. The most advanced machines, like the ones Italian Gemstones owns, have inclinable working areas that can rotate gyroscopically along different axis. This allows the artisans to inclinate the tool to all the different angles and to realize very complex figures, hardly to obtain even by hand.

The laser manufacturing, instead, is a technical process that use a laser ray as sourse of heat. As soos as the laser get in contact with the object, the photons’ energy is absorbed by the working material and it quickly raise the temperature, this lead to a fusion or a boil that remove the material without mechanical contact, vaporization nor ablation mechanism. One of the advantage of the laser is the lack of wear and breakage of the tool. Moreover the laser’s placement is very accurate, using a optical alignment system.

Over the last thirty years Italian Gemstones has been working for the most important brand of Italian and foreign jewellery and some of the most renowned fashion companies. The quality of the products, the precision of our work and the pursuit of clients’ satisfaction, carried on with an always attentive service and with the aim of sharing new ideas throughout all the phases of the production, are since the beginning the company motto.

If you wish to receive more information about our company specialized in CNC and Laser manufacturing, you can contact us: Via Po 6 – 47122 Forlì (Italy) Tel. +39.0543.720818 – Fax +39.0573.778699 – E-mail: