About us

We are a precious and semiprecious cutting company, who has been able to fuse together the over-thirty-years experience of its cutting gemstones master, Mr Franco Frassineti, within the avantgarde ideas and innovational style of a new generation of artisans. In these thirty years we have been working for and with the most important brand of Italian and foreign jewellery and some of the most renowned fashion companies. The quality of the products, the precision and the pursuit of clients' satisfaction are since the beginning our company motto.

Italian Gemstones - il gruppo

Our history

Italian Gemstones was born from the passion for this so peculiar art that Mr Frassineti showed since he was very young. In fact when he was just eighteen he moved to Valenza to start his apprenticeship and he immediately attracted attention for his innate skills. Even if it was a remunerative job, Franco was already pondering the idea of founding his own company and so he did, in 1976 he opened it in Forlì. Since then his carrer has been fulfilled with one success after the other. Now he decided to continue walking this still long and satisfactory road with his son, Enrico, who agreed to carry on this art so peculiar and with such a misterious appeal, strong of his enthusiasm and freshness due to his young age.