Inlaid gemstones in gold

Intarsio Pietre su Oro

Are you looking for a highly specialized company in inlaid gemstones in gold? Italian Gemstones is the right company and can offer you an excellent service. If you choose Italian Gemstones, you are aiming for products of undoubt quality and Made in Italy.

The inlay work is a sort of mosaic achieved by matching pieces of wood, of different shape and color, and arranging them on a flat surface in a geometrical or figurative pattern. The term inlaid gemstones in gold has been used to indicate similar works realized with gemstones mounted and grinded down to the gold casting surface. Decorative inlay works were already popular during the III millennium b.C. among the Egyptians (inlay works of ivory and wood) and among Middle East populations (inlaid gemstones and mother of pearl). Then, through Hellenism, the inlay works spread in the Roman Empire and became one of the main marble decoration of Christian churches.

During the last few years the professional reality of the company has been enriched by the freshness and innovation brought by a new generation of artisans. Under the wise guide of master Franco Frassineti they have been able to grow and express themselves and to give their contribution to the company’s development. The gemcutter’s job is a lonly and meticulous job, that creates an almost simbiotic relationship between the man and the stones. In this process, one attempt after the other, the gem discloses its shape between the skilled hands of the person could turn this job into an art.

One of the foundamental thing to realize impeccable products is the choice of materials. They have to be of first quality, so Italian Gemstones prefers to buy the rough directly from the extraction’s areas. This, not only allows them to check directly with their hands the quality of the minerals, but it also let them appreciate more the gems they see under the light of the sweat people shed to extract them.

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