Values and philosophy

“This is the kind of job that nobody teaches you. Someone more expert maybe will suggest you which way can be attempeted, but in the end there will be you alone trying and trying, again and again, until you'll find out the right way to realize what you had in mind.”

This is the gemcutter's job: a lonly, meticulous and high-precision job, that creates an almost simbiotic relationship between the man and the stones. In this process, one attempt after the other, the gem discolses its shape between the skilled hands of who could turn this job into an art.

Precision and quality

If you choose Italian Gemstones, you choose a product entirely Made in Italy, from the first cut of rough until the final polishing. You also decide to commit yourself to qualify artisans who will be able to help you decide the right material and materialize your ideas. It's really important for us that our clients are taken care of and supported through every single step of production: from the theorization of their ideas, to the realization of samples, until the final product's delivery.