Coral’s manufacturing

Lavorazione Corallo

Italian Gemstones is a highly specialized company in the manufacturing of coral, precious and semiprecious gemstones and it was born from the passion that its gemcutter’s master, Mr Franco Frassineti, showed since he was very young, when he moved to Valenza to start his apprenticeship. He immediately attracted attention to his innate skills in this art so peculiar and with such a misterious appeal.

According to one of the many legend, the origin of coral date back to Medusa’s myth, whose blood dripping from her severed head ended in the sea and became coral. Its unquestionable beauty and its ambiguous nature ensure the coral to be appreciate, worked and renowned all around the world since ancient times. This material, that is of animal origin and not vegetal, nor mineral as thought before, is ideally employed in smooth cabochon, engravings and inlay works.

Italian Gemstones’s excellence is due to the meticulosity and dedication they put in every single activity involved in realizing each piece. The selection of materials, the supervision of rough’s cuts, the careful manufacturing and the final, thorough and strict quality controls: it’s through all this that excellence bring forth to final customer’s satisfaction.

Over the last thirty years Italian Gemstones has been working for the most important brand of Italian and foreign jewellery and some of the most renowned fashion companies. The quality of the products, the precision of our work and the pursuit of clients’ satisfaction, carried on with an always attentive service and with the aim of sharing our ideas throughout all the phases of the production, are since the beginning the company motto.

If you wish to receive more information about our manufacturing of coral and precious stones, you can contact us: Via Po 6 – 47122 Forlì (Italy) Tel. +39.0543.720818 – Fax +39.0573.778699 – E-mail: